I am a proud father of 5 girls, I had my first son (Sept 30, 2010).  I have considered changing the
company name to
The Concrete Girls.  My girls also enjoy playing with concrete, what more
could a father ask for? Told my wife My son will be doing concrete at age 5 like I did. So for his
5th Birth Day he will get concrete tools from me that didn't happen.
I grew up in Paulding, Oh. Paulding is near Van Wert and Defiance, Oh. The closest big city is Fort Wayne, IN I have been in the
concrete business for most of my life.  My grandfather (who passed 08-05-08) and Father both owned their own concrete
companies.  I guess you can say I am following in the steps of the family business.  However, I do not see it that way...

I have been playing in concrete even at a young age of 5. It became mandatory for me to work in the concrete business at age 7.

At Age 17, I stopped working for my dad and moved to Columbus, Ohio with my mom. At that point I already had my GED.  I started
working for Bill Schmidt General Contractors the next day.  I started my own company 3 years later.  Few years latter, Bill fires me,
tells me if "He didn't I would never go for my dream" his time clock was the last one I ever Clocked in   ... Bill, and his son BJ worked
for me till his son BJ went on his own

My mother helped me pay for me to go to a weekend Concrete Training class, I saved up for but fell short. That class opened my
eyes to a whole new world of concrete.  So I went to school to learn "Decorative Concrete", but I didn't just stop there... One
cement finish caught my attention, "Stenciled" it was new and wow to me. So I went to one those weekend classes too, seen a uncle
there I have not seen in years, so that was cool.

I could not sell a stencil job, no one knew what the hell I was talking about. I made 80 lbs samples 2' by 2' took them to my estimates,
still could not sell one! In till the day I gave one away for normal concrete price, to show people.  I have been offering: stenciled,
stamped, colored, and textured patterns for over 20 years now.

I can resurface older decorative concrete surfaces but i pick and choose witch ones I will, mainly cause I do not know the products
they used before me. I can also make plain concrete into decorative finishes, again something I pick and choose what ones I will do.

My daughter Alexis does most my estimates so I can be on site for all the decorative finishes. (bottom right in these pics) she works
for Huntington now, so she might be over dressed for a estimate.

All my girls have grown, got kids and do there own thing, but daddy still calls them in when we got big stencil jobs. The girls like to
bring up one job: I had a newer crew that year I was training, we get the patio down and we was going to go do another patio. 2 hot
girls walk up and the boys like who these girls? I said they finishing this one we going to do another one.. they looked at me like
really you loose your mind? I said nope they got this one they my girls they not just any girls.. they was running their moth about
them the next 20 mins why we was pouring the next one till they called me and said was all done...they had a whole new respect for
my girls that day.. Alexis was one those girls that day, she does most my estimates so not your normal Girl!
3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Condo $1,000,000
The Concrete Guys
Standard Concrete
Columbus, ohio CoSi My girls say I will watch them every morning for the weather when they grow up!
Daddy's baby Alexis  Martinez (age 8) Paulding ohio
Stamped Concrete
Daddy's youngest two Jo Jo and Lex
Stenciled  Concrete
Maria Martinez (age11) Paulding, Ohio
Liz Roller (age 12) Columbus, Ohio
Nick and 41 Lbs. FlatHead Maumee R. Defiance, ohio
Defiance, Paulding and Van
Wert Cortland Ohio Areas
Joanna Cleaning tools and helping out on a colored patio
Lizzie Running our Standard Edge on a Colored Concrete Patio
Lizzie Cutting in Joints on a Standard Colored Patio
my son