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I have been asked by other concrete company's, for years"How can you give a
warranty on concrete" My reply is simple, "Do it right, and there won't be a
Warranty Issue" What does the BBB say about us?
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I have been offering a Warranty in writing for about 18 years now.  In the past I said verbally,
I have only had 11 Warranty issues in the past 21 years of business. That is pretty damn Good if
you asked me considering the last few years we have done about 400 jobs a year.

I check jobs regularly for Warranty Issues.  I like to know ASAP so I can put you back on the
schedule. Bear with me though, just cause you are put on a list don't mean it will be done next
week, it is all based on locations.  As you will see if you choose to go with my company, I will
usually be looking for them myself.

You will always have those customers attempting to get something for nothing, and sometimes it
works. With the more customers I get the more attempts there will be, some of the stories will blow
your mind.

2011: We added Salt Guard sealers to all Driveways and Decorative concrete projects as our
standard. If you receive a estimate  this extra Salt Protection will automatically be added to your
estimate. This does not mean I want you to salt your new concrete, only means will
Help protect
you from the salt you bring on your driveways with your cars in winter months. It takes ten year
before salt does not damage concrete
, the sealers we use is rated for 10 years

So what makes us different that we can offer a 2 year warranty on cracks?

First there is 3 products that we use and most don't and a few things most don't understand
cause well they are not us.

3/8 - 5/8's rebar not wire mesh like most cement contractors, if anything, including my own dad the
old school way that has no structural purposes. Let me explain wire mesh holds concrete together
when its falling apart.  Ok, did you read that right? Concrete should not be falling apart in the first

We use penetrating sealers, so it don't wear off in 6 months to a year like the rest, our
s should last
for 10 years. It take 10 years for concrete to reach it's full strength.

We use rubber expansion joints made from recycled tires. Ours will not rot out like most other
concrete  contractors in a few years. That means ours will not leave a place for water to get under
the concrete.


Cracks that:


Pull Apart

Warranty Information:
How Can We Give A Warranty?
We take extra steps in the process of prepping of your new concrete.

We also use a stronger concrete mixture, my secret recipe.

"The Concrete Guys" standard concrete structure is stronger than most other concrete
contractors standard.  We take the extra steps, therefore, this is why we can offer the 2  Year

Our Economic Finish is us skipping one those extra steps. Therefore, that's why I can not give you
the Warranty with our Economic Finish.  It is cheaper, but if cheap is what you are looking for, you
are looking at the wrong place. The Economic Finish is what most the other concrete contractor
do as there standard.
One thing I want everyone to understand:       

It is a matter of time before concrete cracks.  
In Ohio the freezing and thawing is when
concrete moves the most.  This is when most
cracking happens.  Weight is the other main
factor in concrete cracking. This is the
purpose of control cuts, rather it be a saw cut
or hand cut.
Stamped Concretye Random Stone Warranty Issuse Fixed
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Defiance, Columbus,  Ohio Areas