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welcome to:
3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Condo $1,000,000
Big City Ideas At Small Town Prices
Do Your own Estimate Online
We are The Concrete Guys. We are a very efficient
company.  One of the things I am proud of is the
fact that we can handle the big jobs, yet can do
them at small town prices.

I am a farm boy living in the big city, but  I still have
my small town values. I am someone who you will
not get ride of after the job is done.  I visit our old
job sites a few times a year, for the first few years,
then continue to do so even after that. I have
customers who are amazed I continue to stop by
unexpected, some from 10 years back.

We Offer all types of concrete.  I designed this
website so you can understand the differences,
and what separates us from the rest.

We offer a 2 or 3 year warranty on all or work in
writing.  This is so that you have in writing, our
word, and can feel safe that we will take care of  
any problems you may have.
We have over 10 years of experience in business.
We offer 2 or 3 year warranty's in writing to all our customers.
We exceed our customers expectations time and time again.
welcome to:
Standard Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
Pictures of Daddy's little girls
The Concrete Guys
Standard Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
All the kids I treat as my own 4on right are really mine
daddy's weather girls
daddy girl's really can sing
Babby Lexy
Maria Show Me Some Teeth
one of the many kid partys
The Concrete Girls
they don't fight in their sleep!!!
Did I tell you Lizzie is not all there all the time...lol..just kidding
Maria and her best friend
Maria is a Whane Trace Cheer Leader
Kids do the weidest things (a slopiest eater contest)
another kids party
Daddy's Baby so going to be a baby much longer
Should I just change the name to: The Concrete Girls, Now?
That's a
Daddy and lex