The Concrete Guys
Standard Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
This is my personal favorite out of all the
decorative concrete finishes we offer.  

I personally have stenciled concrete at my
own house as well as  the offices  

I like the fact: Stamped Concrete looks like
Stamped Concrete and Stenciled Concrete,
well doesn't look like concrete.  

Stenciled Concrete looks like a mason
placed every brick or stone in by hand, one
by one.  

There have been times I literally had to
convince people, "It's Concrete, Really"
Brick Stenciled Concrete
Basket Weave with Brick Border Stenciled Concrete Columbus, Oh
Textured, 1/4 Brick Circle, Borders Stenciled Concrete Columbus, Ohio
Old English CobbbleStone Bordered Stenciled Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
Old English CobbleStone Stenciled Concrete Paulding Ohio
Does it have to be

NO it does not have
to be shiny. As you
will see on here not
all our decorative
concrete is shiny.

You have a choice I
just need to know
before we pour your
stamped, stenciled,
colored, or textured
Stacy in Dublin came up with this idea, for the face of this porch, I told her to chalange me and she did.
Serving: Delaware, Columbus,  
Defiance, Paulding and Van
Wert Ohio Areas