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Stamped Concrete
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Do Your Own Online Estimate
You must have Excel to run this program.  I have modified this to work with 97,03,
07 and 2010 Excel programs.  
You will have to download this file from my
computer, it only takes a few seconds.  You can just run this program, no need to
save it.

Play with the
Length and Width see what you can afford, then call me to:
Schedule a Estimate.

You will be able to Do Your Own Estimate for  concrete patios, walks, driveways,
aprons, and even steps now.  

The Online Estimate will give you prices for:
Stamped, Stenciled, Textured,
Colored, Concrete, as well as our Standard and Economic Concrete Finishes.  All
in seconds after you download this file from my computer.

This program will give you Estimates for our:
Decorative, Standard and Economic
concrete Finishes in seconds.

Just enter the
Length and Width in the Yellow Boxes.  Then hit enter or click
another box.

Please do the online estimate first before scheduling a estimate if you do not have
a clue what a concrete projects cost.  I have made the online estimator so that I
can have more time on job sites, and with my family.

This is so that you can see if my company's product is in your family's budget. I do
not play the bid wars, I do not win bids.  My prices are not cheap, If you are
looking for cheap work that falls apart on you and want to end up in court to have
the problem fixed you are looking in the wrong place.

I get at least one call a year about a contractor that under bid me and left a bad
product. Telling me they should have went with me. The extra money they saved
they are spending much more in courts trying to get their money back. Now they
want me to fix what another contractor messed up, but not till they get there money
back. They never call me back. So the odds of you getting any justice in courts
with out a Written Warranty is slim to none.

I put in a high quality product, stamp a 2 warranty in writing that will always hold up
in court in your favor (that No other company will dare to do). The BBB give me a
(A-) Rating 2 years ago for my product and backing it. Last year they gave me a
(A) this Back to (A-) I must be doing something right.

I target customers that want a better product, with higher end trusted materials. I
use the best concrete materials I have grown to trust in all my years in the
business. I have learned from my mistakes and many others. We are also a semi
green Company that recycles waste materials and uses recycled materials when
possible, however not all locations give us the option.   We try to never take waste
to a land fill, so far we have only had to send 1 load this year(2012) i am proud of

You are paying for the job done right, so No short cuts to save money from us...
Online Estimate For: Columbus, Dayton, Akron, Ohio and Lake Areas
The new and improved Online Estimate is ready!  Please let me know if you notice any problems, so I can

Online Estimator: added  June 23, 2012 poured walls, pole barns and garages " testing stages" so let me
know if something is wrong please n thank you

Please note the online estimator is based on a avg. Project.  A few things that could make your project
not the avg:  if you are putting in a patio and your landscaping gives us limited access. If you have
asphalt on top of concrete. If your site area is not fairly flat.

I have tried to get a difficulty rating from 1-5 , 3 being avg but can not seem to figure it out.

Thank You All So Much,
The Concrete Guys,
Nick Martinez
Online Estimate For: Paulding, Van Wert, Defiance, Ohio
Serving: Delaware, Columbus,  
Defiance, Paulding and Van
Wert Ohio Areas