3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Condo $1,000,000
The Concrete Guys
Standard Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
Stenciled Brick Circles
Stenciled Fish Scale, with Brick Border
Stenciled custom Brick pattern Forest Park North Columbus, Ohio
custom basket/pinwheel/border/bricks
Columbus, Ohio Office me showing off something new
Stenciled Flag Stone Forest Park columbus, ohio
Brick Circle
Custom Pinwheel
Stenciled concrete
FlagStone Stencile Forest Park
hudson, circle, borders, brick
close up of stenciled brick circle
stenciled brick circle
stenciled concrete
custom stencile job
Stenciled Jombo Brick
Stenciled Brick Circles
Hudson brick, and what the boys call nicks whatever color, everyone wanted this color iin 2005
second stencile project I did fresh out of the school
Stenciled Slate
pinwheel stenciled concrete
stenciled concrete
Stenciled Old  English Cobble Stone
Online Estimate
Stamped Random Stone with textured steps
stenciled old english cobble stone
Old english cobble Stone
Galloway, Ohio Old English Cobble Stone, with cobble borders
Briction, Paulding County Ohio Stenciled Old English
stenciled old english cobble stone #1 seller of 2008
stacy of dublin chalanged me on this one, it turned out great