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Standard Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
I am currently still
working on this page.  I
have always been bad
about taking pictures.

This one was done
(June 11, 2009) if that
gives you a idea of had
bad i am bout taken
pictures or making the
time to up date this site

The true color of
colored concrete does
not show up, for a few
weeks after the pour.  
This picture is minutes
after concrete is

With our colored
concrete the color is
mixed directly into the
cement truck on arrival.

Therefore, the color is
mixed through out the
concrete, not just on the
concrete surface.
Colored Concrete Patio
Colored Concrete Finish
Colored Concrete
Colored Cement Standard Finish
One Of The Things That Seporate Us from The Rest, You Have Grass When We Leave
Serving: Delaware, Columbus,  
Defiance, Paulding and Van
Wert Ohio Areas