3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Condo $1,000,000
The Concrete Guys
Standard Concrete
Stamped Concrete
Stenciled Concrete
We are The Concrete Guys. We are a very efficient company on site...

We have 3 crews I am personally on the Decorative Finishes crew and randomly on the others

One of the things I am proud of is our overhead is smaller than the big companies, yet we still have all the legal stuff
needed to do the government jobs but we don't. We only work for homeowners. We only work for homeowners that
want it done right. I am not going to say we don't mess up cause we do we are still human, however when we mess up
we will make it right, and you will not have the normal issues the other companies leave behind.

I thought long and hard about this one. I didn't like the 22 builders we worked for in the Columbus, Ohio area we had all
at once, at one point in the 1990's. I didn't like all the short cuts to save money they made me do, I did not agree with, I
knew they was important! So I started charging them for the important stuff needed to do it right but just 0.02 over my
cost, we are talking like less than 300.00 a house including the material to do it right. The builders would not pay me for
even doing it damn near free, after the first few weeks. So I kicked them all to the curb. I am not going to name them but
having 22 at once means was not many I didn't work for

So we went commercial (about 2001), the money was great at first but the 22 employees and taxes and all that stuff
kicked my butt.  I forgot where this company started  "the homeowners" the ones left to fix what the builders and
contractors would not pay for...

I still have my small town values. We are someone who you will not get rid of after the job is done.  We visit our old job
sites when we are working close. I have customers who are amazed we continue to stop by unexpected. Some sold
there house, we still stop, we want to give you the best product.

Where I grew up everyone knows everyone, so you give one person a bad job, everyone knows. Here in Columbus
area it is the BBB, Chanel 6 and 10 on your side. Don't get me started.. BBB Better Business Bureau.. keyword
"Business" they are a business.

We offer all types of concrete finishes:  Stamped, Stenciled, Textured, Colored and two types of plain concrete.

I made this website myself so that you can understand the difference in the finishes and know how much it cost.

We offer a 2  Year Warranty on 5 of our 6 standard concrete finishes, so you can feel safe that we will take care of  any
problems you may have even if it is not in the warranty hell most we fix not even a warranty issue at all.

We use "Salt Guard" penetrating sealers. This don't mean I want you to salt your driveways, it means your cars going to
bring it off the roads in the winters, we got ya.

I have always used the best products on the market after years of my own personal testing.

We are a semi
Green Company.

A long time ago the construction land fills was filling up fast, I wanted no part of it. I searched for another option.

We recycle: dirt, sod, pavers, asphalt, concrete, bricks, blocks, trees, bushes, steel, copper or anything else in our way.

Again we didn't stop there we also buy the recycled sod, dirt, bushes, trees, pavers,  cement, bricks, blocks, tires ..

We use 3 different types of recycled concrete for the base of the new concrete install.

We use recycled tires for expansion joint, it will never rot out like the cheaper stuff and it is Recycled tires.

We have had warranty issues in Columbus, Ohio. Warranty issues in  Paulding, Van Wert and Defiance, Trumbull
County Ohio areas over the years we been offering the 2 Year Warranty. You can't make everyone happy that is a fact!
All Warranty issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of our customers or the
scott's 14 lbs. cat Defiance, ohio
The Concrete Guys: Memorial Weekend! 2009
14 LbS. Cat, hold it closer, so it looks bigger Dave Defiance, Ohio
my first one for the year 6.5 lbs Defiance, Oh
Nick Martinez and a 37 LBS. cat Auglaze River Defiance, Ohio
I caught these nice gills in a farm pond by Van Wert Ohio
Scott caught this 14 lbs. flathead in the Maumee River in Defiance, Ohio
Nick Martinez 41 Lbs Cat caught in Defiance, Ohio
37 Lbs Cat Defiance Ohio
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